2x2x2 cube: Notation

This is a the beginning for those who start with the 2x2x2 cube. Here we explain the basic tips: colours, notation, movements...

Parts of the cube

The 2x2x2 cube has just corners, composed of three colours.

Colours of the cube

The standard conguration of colours in a 2x2x2 cube is this:

A way to remember it is:

  • Light colours, opposite (white-yellow)
  • Warm colours, opposite (red-orange)
  • Cool colours, opposite (green-blue)

Sometimes, some of these colours are replaced:

  • White ➙ Black
  • Orange ➙ Purple

English notation

U top face
F front face
R right face
back face
left face
lower face

Movements of the faces

Turn clockwise or anticlockwise? To know that, you have to look in front of the face that is turning. Three types of turns:

  • Clockwise turn: Indicated with the letter of the face turning: U, B, L...
  • Anticlockwise turn: Indicated with the letter of the face turning, and an apostrophe: U', B', L'...
  • Double turn: Indicated with the letter of the face turning, followed by a 2: U2, B2, L2...

This movement would be R' in English:

Movements of the whole cube

Like the faces, there can be clockwise turns (x, y, z), counterclockwise turns (x', y', z') and double turns (x2, y2, z2).